Fight Right To Work!



Why So-Called “Right to Work” is WRONG for New Mexico:

Wages: Median household income in right-to-work (RTW) states is $6,437 lower than in freebargaining states—including both union and non-union households. Even adjusting for differences in cost of living and 41 other factors, workers in free-bargaining states are significantly better off than their counterparts in right-to-work states—averaging $1,500 more per worker. The contrasts are even starker in specific industries: right-to-work laws drive down wages in the manufacturing sector by 9%, and in the construction sector by 22%!

Healthcare: Right-to-work laws reduce the share of workers covered by a health plan by 3.5%.  As a result, workers in RTW states are more likely to rely on taxpayer-subsidized health care.

Safety: So-called “right to work” states are much less safe for workers. In the construction industry alone, workplace fatality rates are 36.5% higher than in free-bargaining states.

Education: It’s no surprise that right-to-work states—which suffer lower wages, reduced benefits, and worse safety records—also bear the hallmarks of a stressed society: students are less likely to perform at appropriate grade level in math and reading.

Fight for your rights!